custom rim shop

Custom Rim Shop

For many types of performance vehicles and off-road vehicles, there is a need for custom rims. Quality rims can firm up the ride and improve performance and handling. If you are heavily modifying a vehicle or you want to get a look that is completely unique, a custom rim shop will help you build something that is tuned specifically to fit your vehicle and designed to help you get something completely unique.

Our custom rim shop can help you to source any type of rim variety. Whether you are seeking the best in performance sport rims or you need a custom street or luxury rim, we have the suppliers to help you enjoy better results in performance. 

Tennessee Tire and wheels have been operating since the year 2013 providing assistance with custom rims to suit any make or model vehicle. We have international suppliers that can help us get the lowest price on the best quality rims and a team of top installers to properly balance and outfit your vehicle with these custom rim installations. 

Why Choose Our Shop?

Tennessee tire and wheels can offer some of the best selection of inventory on the market today. With our assistance, you can find rims from brands like Foose, Strada, Ultra, Asanti, Ruff, and VCT to name a few. All of these rims can be custom ordered and modified to suit the needs of your vehicle. If you have requests for custom colors or styles, we can ensure that your vehicle can be outfitted accordingly. Whether it is time for you to replace your past rims or you are interested in upgrading your vehicle to the latest rim styles, we can assist you in the process of finding the best rims for your vehicle.

We are a one-stop-shop for custom rims, lift kits, balancing, and tires. When you come to us for rims, we can set up your entire vehicle and make sure that your rim installation is properly optimized for your setup. Our technicians are extremely knowledgeable and as a result, we can work fast and deliver unprecedented knowledge about the top performance trends. Calling us as a custom rim shop will make sure you can have any questions answered about manufacturers or indications on the best new rims.

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service. If you have questions about a manufacturer, the status of your order, or the options for your vehicle, we can sort it out with you. We want to provide our knowledge in a timely manner and help you stay informed about the best products on the market.

As well as a commitment to craftsmanship and knowledge, we want to make custom rims more affordable. We offer unbeatable pricing on custom rims in Tennessee and it is our goal to beat out the competition on any custom rim installation. With our sources for supply and our ability to work quickly, we are able to offer great results to our clients and flexible financing options to make custom rims more affordable. 

The Areas We Serve

We are proud to serve the greater Fort Campbell area as well as Nashville, Springfield, Oak Grove, Kentucky, and more. We offer quality customer service and access to the best custom rim manufacturers on the market today. We can offer the best tire and rim installation in Tennessee and we service a massive range of vehicles from daily drivers to performance off-road racing vehicles. 

If you are in the market for custom rims in Tennessee, contact us today. We are ready to answer your questions and provide quick access to the custom rims you need to outfit your vehicle in style.